Platforma2 Figma Wireframe kit (Premium)

Here is an awesome new Figma Wireframing Kit created by the very talented guys at Great Simple.

Platforma 2 is a premium collection of web UI components which you can use to create effective wireframes in Figma.

It features a stunning set of 173 layouts which you can easily combine and use as a flexible and powerful design system.

Platforma 2 is a great addition to your set of premium Figma wireframe kits.



  • Organized Nested Symbols & Overrides
  • Clear typography list
  • Organized Layer Styles
  • Pre-set Resizing Constrains
  • Bootstrap Responsive Grids

What’s inside

  • 173 Full-width layout components
  • 536 Elements organized into design system
  • x3 resolutions for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • x3 color themes: Blueprint, Light, Dark



platforma-fp-2 figma

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