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About UXCrush.com

UXCrush was born back in 2018 (at the time it used to be called FigmaCrush.com) and since then we always had one very clear purpose: to be the most comprehensive website out there completely dedicated to Figma resources. To do that, we aggregate the best free and premium resources that we can find around the web: website templates, mobile templates, UI kits, icons, device mockups, illustrations, you name it…

At the time, the Figma Community website still did not exist, so we felt that the growing Figma community really needed a unique place where it was easy to find a specific resource.

So far we have curated and published more than 1000 Figma resources, and UXCrush has been visited by more than 2 Million users.

Even now that the Figma Community site is out there, our mission doesn’t change: we want to make it easy for Figma users to find the best resources for their design projects or for their learning endeavours.

We hope you enjoy our work, and feel free to contact us if you’d like your Figma resources to be published on UXCrush!


– Luca, UXCrush’s founder, UI/UX designer and solopreneur (you can connect with me on Twitter @ilvava)

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